Athletics Academic Committee Mission

Charge of the Committee:

1. The Athletic Committee will monitor and evaluate the Athletics Department’s performance using as the basis of its evaluations Central Michigan University’s statement of its mission.

2. The Athletic Committee will regularly review issues associated with the welfare of student-athletes participating in Mid-American Conference and National Collegiate Athletic Association sports to ensure that the University and the Athletics Department maintain the proper balance between participation in athletics and academic achievement.

3. The Athletic Committee will communicate the concerns of student-athletes participating in intercollegiate athletics to the Academic Senate and the University community, including the Athletics Department, the University administration, academic departments, the faculty as a whole, and other groups as warranted.

4. The Athletic Committee will prepare an annual report and other reports as needed, advising the President and the Academic Senate of the Athletics Department’s performance with respect to its academic and athletic goals and with respect to the welfare of the student-athletes participating in Mid-American Conference and National Collegiate Athletics Association sports.

This annual report to the President and Academic Senate will include the following information:

A. Academic eligibility, graduation, and retention data by sport, gender, and ethnicity and by ethnicity within each sport. This data will include the Annual Progress Rate and Graduation Success Rate.

B. Grade point averages by sport, gender, and ethnicity and by ethnicity within each sport.

C. Major, minor, and degree program selection by sport, gender, and ethnicity and by ethnicity within each sport.

D. Admission profiles by sport, gender, and ethnicity and by ethnicity within each sport.

E. Academic support programming.

F. Athletics Department policies and procedures relevant to the welfare of student-athletes with respect to such issues as health, safety, drug testing, travel, scholarships, and discipline.

G. Matters reviewed and reported by the University’s Athletics Gender Equity and Diversity Committee including the information reported in compliance with the Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act.

H. Summary of exit interview data collected before and after the student-athletes exhaust their eligibility and data collected from alumni on their experiences as student-athletes.

I. Other reports as determined by the Athletic Committee.

In fulfilling this charge, the Athletic Committee should also participate in the following functions. These are examples of routine activities and are not intended to define the entire domain of possible actions.

A. Review of administrative, faculty, and student concerns regarding specific activities associated with participation in athletics. The Committee may provide recommendations to the Athletic Department and the University administration

B. Provide advice regarding the development of policies that affect participation in intercollegiate athletics by CMU, such as compliance with affirmative action and Title IX guidelines, schedules for competition and resulting travel requirements, the financial requirements arising from schedules of competition, public ticket pricing and policies, hazing, and the Athletics Department’s policies to minimize class absence.

C. Support the development and continuance of events that enhance the positive impact of intercollegiate athletics both on campus and in the community, ranging from events such as Parent’s Day and Athletic Hall of Fame Day to special programs such as the Holiday Food Drive, the Adopt-a-Family Program, and the Anishinaabe Athletics Youth Association.

D. Receive reports on changes in the policies and procedures of regional and national organizations and conferences which affect athletics. Such reports would come from Athletic Department personnel, the Faculty Athletics Representative, University administration, and others as warranted.

E. Review all concerns submitted by members of the University community or representatives of other constituencies.
Membership of the Committee

The Athletic Committee has the following members:

- Eight faculty (one from each college, two at large)
- The Faculty Athletics Representative*
- The Director of the Office of Student Life or designee
- Three students (Two student-athletes from different teams from the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee and one student who does not participate in intercollegiate athletics)
- One alumnus
- As ex officio members (the Athletics Director, Senior Associate Athletic Director(s), Senior Woman Administrator, and the Assistant Athletics Director for Academics)


• The Faculty Athletics Representative is a faculty member appointed by the President to represent the institution and its academic mission in the institution’s relationships with the NCAA and the Mid-American Conference (NCAA Bylaw 4.02.2). The Faculty Athletics Representative’s duties and responsibilities are defined by the President.

Approved by the Academic Senate 11/15/05.

[This replaces the policy as revised by the Academic Senate 3/22/83, 2/3/87, 12/11/90, 9/7/93, 3/11/97, 4/25/06.]
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