Athletic Training Facility

Athletic Training Facility

Satellite Office Locations
♦ Indoor Athletic Complex
♦ Kelly/Shorts Stadium
♦ Theunissen Stadium
♦  McGuirk Arena

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The Athletic Training department bases its operations in Rose Center, with satellite locations at the Indoor Athletic Complex, Kelly/Shorts Stadium, McGuirk Arena and Theunissen Stadium.

Within the main site are eight treatment tables, four taping tables, electrical stimulation machines, ultrasound machines and a laser machine.

Directly across the hall from the main office is a rehabilitation room that utilizes resistance bands, swiss balls, medicine balls, slide boards, a BOSU ball, stationary bikes, a treadmill, a BAPS board, Dyna-Discs, free weights, Bodyblade exercise equipment and warm and cold whirlpools.

Private physician exam rooms are also on-site.

The satellite training rooms are also equipped to meet the needs of CMU's 16 varsity sports. Each is equipped with treatment tables and taping tables, electrical stimulation machines and ultrasound machines, as well as Swim-Ex for water rehabilitation. Resistance bands, swiss balls, a BOSU ball, foam rollers, Dyna Discs and free weights are also available on-site. 
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