What They Are Saying About Willie Randolph

What They Are Saying About Willie Randolph

Jim Knapp, Central Michigan head men’s track and field coach:
I am really excited about this hire. I feel like I’m turning this program over to a son. Willie is one of our people, he ran here and he will do a great job representing Central Michigan. He is from Michigan and is excited to come home. He has experience in a lot of different places, and he has had success everywhere he has been. He brings a lot of experience, enthusiasm and energy to the table, and I am very excited about the future of Central Michigan track. Willie has a great deal of integrity and class, and he is a complete coach who will monitor what the athletes do in all aspects of their lives.

Kathleen Raske, Sacramento State head track and field coach:
Central Michigan has a great person to lead its program forward. He has a terrific resume and he’s put in a lot of time since he left CMU as a coach. He has gained great experience as an assistant and head coach. Willie has been successful everywhere he’s gone. He is ready to take Central to the next level in the MAC as well as nationally. He is knowledgeable and knows what it takes to be a director of a combined program from a coaching and management standpoint. He knows track and field inside and out and will use that knowledge to put together a great staff that suits his and CMU’s vision.

Ralph Spry, Auburn head track and field coach:
Willie has had success everywhere he’s been. He has been an assistant and a head coach with success as both. Central Michigan is getting someone who brings a lot of experience and energy to the table. When I last spoke with him, it was clear that this job is close to his heart. He has a great work ethic and will create a program that everyone can be proud of. The most impressive trait of Willie’s is that he always wants to learn how to do things better. He constantly asks about how we operate here at Auburn. He is a pleasant guy to see on a daily basis and he is always positive. His energy will filter into the program that he’s going to build at CMU.

Lori Shepard, former Vanderbilt track and field coach:
Willie did an amazing job as a volunteer assistant with Vanderbilt. He has paid his dues and worked his way up. Willie is a tenacious recruiter and always has the interest of his kids at heart. He could not be more excited about getting back to his alma mater. I enjoyed mentoring him as he was getting his career started. He will do an amazing job at Central because this is where he wants to be. He has the work ethic to get results and has proven himself in the toughest of situations. Willie went above and beyond what any coach would do for his athletes in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Dean Hayes, Hall of Fame and Olympic track and field coach and Middle Tennessee State head track and field coach:
Central hired a really good guy. He was at New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit and persevered. If you can deal with that you can handle anything. Coaching wise, he works well with the kids. He is likeable and cares deeply about the education of his student-athletes. He made good impressions with parents of recruits. He has a lot of experience and will handle things well. Willie is very energetic and worked with many events so he has knowledge of all of them. I am very happy for Willie. I have known him for a long time and I wish him the best. This is a great hire by Central Michigan.

Lonnie Green, Arkansas associate head track and field coach:
Willie is a winner. He knows the sport and he knows how to put together a plan that works. He will put together a program that will work in the MAC and at CMU. Willie is one of the shooting stars in the business and he has what it takes to be successful. Central has a great person to move its program forward.


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