Compliance: Extra Benefit

Extra Benefits

As a student-athlete, you are not allowed to accept gifts, meals, clothing, loans, discounts, and transportation due to your status as a student-athlete. The NCAA defines these types of benefits as “extra benefits.” An extra benefit is any special arrangement by an institutional employee or a representative of the institution’s athletics interests (boosters) to provide a student-athlete or the student-athlete’s relative or friend a benefit not expressly authorized by NCAA legislation. This rule also applies to your family and friends. If your family or friends receive any type of extra benefit based on your status as a student-athlete, this will jeopardize your eligibility.

Again, nothing can be provided to you free, or at a reduced rate, or arranged for you because you are a student-athlete. Here are a few common examples of extra benefits (not an exhaustive list):

Cash or loans (including cosigning of a loan) in any amount from a coach, staff member, or booster
Use of an automobile belonging to a coach, staff member, etc.
Receipt of free or discount meals or services at a commercial establishment.(e.g., 10% discount each time you shop).
Benefits surrounding off-campus housing (e.g., reduced rent, free storage)
Use of personal property of a department employee or booster (e.g., storage, lodging)
Receipt of inappropriate academic assistance by a coach, faculty, or staff member.
Receipt of free or reduced-cost services such as car repairs, legal advice, and medical services (e.g., dental, chiropractic).
Receipt of gifts of any kind, including birthday / holiday gifts and congratulatory gifts from boosters or faculty/staff members.

There are a few exceptions to this rule...

Student-Athletes are permitted to have an occasional meal at the home of an athletics representative (booster) or an Athletics Department employee (e.g., coach), if the meal is not excessive (well beyond a normal campus meal). It is permissible for the individual to give you a ride from campus or your home and back for the meal. Also, an Athletics Department staff member (NOT a mentor, booster, or CMU fan) can occasionally take you to a local restaurant. Occasional is defined as infrequent and not consisting of a pattern. All occasional meals must be pre-approved by the Compliance Office!

Athletics department staff members are also able to provide you with local transportation on an occasional basis. There are also a few additional exceptions to the extra benefit rule for specific media appearances, and institutional/educational/charitable promotional activities. Please contact the Office of Athletics Compliance with questions!
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