Compliance: Official Visit

Official Visits

An “official” campus visit by a prospective student-athlete (“prospect”) is a visit that is financed in any way by CMU.  Official visits may be made by high school seniors, high school graduates, and two-year or four-year college transfers (except non-qualifiers in their first year at a two-year college).  

The NCAA limits each prospect to a total of five official visits and only one visit may be made to any NCAA institution. This restriction applies even if a prospect is being recruited in more than one sport.  Five additional visits may be used after October 15 following the prospect's senior year of high school.

In order for a prospect to take an official visit to CMU, the following requirements must be met:

• Provide a copy of a high school or two-year/four-year college transcript.

• For high school students, provide a copy of a ACT, SAT, PSAT, or PLAN score from an official examination taken on a national testing date under national testing conditions (the Michigan state administered ACT may be utilized).  The score must be presented through a testing agency document, on a high school transcript (official or unofficial), or through using the applicable testing agency’s automated-voice system.

• For high school students, register with the NCAA Eligibility Center.

An official visit to CMU may not last longer than 48 hours, which starts when the prospect arrives on CMU’s campus.  The prospect must then depart CMU’s campus within 48 hours from the beginning of the visit.

During the official visit, the CMU may provide a prospect (and the prospect’s parents/legal guardians, spouse or children) with meals, lodging, and up to 3 complimentary admissions to University athletics events. Complimentary admissions to University athletics events are issued through a pass list and are for the exclusive use of the prospects and those persons accompanying the prospect on the visit.  Prospects that are members of a non-traditional family (e.g., divorce, separation) may receive up to 2 additional complimentary admissions in order to accommodate the parents accompanying the prospect (e.g., step-parents) to attend a home athletics event.
***Prospects must show a picture ID and sign the pass list before they will be permitted to receive any complimentary admissions.  

While on any visit to CMU, it is not permissible for a booster or other non-staff representative of CMU to have any contact with a prospect!
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