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The goal of this web site is to serve as an informational resource for NCAA rules that impact boosters (alumni), prospective student-athletes, and enrolled student-athletes. The Compliance Office hopes that you will utilize this site to better understand the rules and recognize that everyone at CMU has a role in compliance. Following these rules helps to protect the eligibility of enrolled student-athletes and prospective student-athletes, and the integrity of the CMU athletic department. As a supporter of Central Michigan University and its athletics program, you are an integral part of this program's success. The rules are complicated; so please do not hesitate to contact the Compliance Office at anytime if you have any questions or concerns. Remember to always ASK BEFORE YOU ACT!

Dave Heeke
Director of Athletics

Contact the Office of Athletics Compliance
- (989) 774-1105



(representative of CMU’s Athletics Interests)

Boosters include:

Alumni, former CMU student-athletes, parents, fans, CMU faculty members, CMU staff members, employers of current student-athletes, contributors to CMU’s athletics programs (Chippewa Club members), and anyone who has promoted CMU’s athletic program in any manner.

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CMU Student-Athletes

CMU Student-Athletes include:

Students who have begun their first day of initial full-time collegiate enrollment or students who have reported for collegiate practice.

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Prospective CMU Student-Athletes

Prospective Student-Athletes include:

Students who have started classes for the 9th grade, students younger than 9th grade who receive benefits from CMU that are not generally provided to prospective students, & students enrolled in preparatory schools or 2-year colleges.

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Please note that this site is not an exhaustive list of NCAA rules - just a few of the main points that impact CMU’s Athletic Department. If you have any questions, please contact Benjy Wilber, Director of Compliance, at or 989-774-1105. Thanks!

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