Compliance: Employment


Important Forms
Student-Athlete Employment Permission Form (completed by student and head coach)
Employment Verification Form (completed by employer)
Fee-For-Lesson Form (can not use CMU facilities)

If you are planning on working on or off campus during the academic year or in the summer, you are required to contact the Office of Athletics Compliance prior to your first day of employment. You will be required to complete a Student-Athlete Employment Permission Form, and your employer will be required to complete a Employment Verification Form. Both of these forms must be on file with the Office of Athletics Compliance prior to commencing work.

Failure to follow these procedures will result in the student-athlete becoming ineligible for intercollegiate competition.

The following are some general NCAA requirements regarding employment:

• You may only be paid for hours you actually work, and your wage must be at the going rate for similar work in that area; and

• Compensation may not include any remuneration for value or utility that the student-athlete may have for the employer because of the publicity, reputation, fame
or personal following that he or she has obtained because of athletics ability.

• You may not conduct your own camp or clinic.

Fee for Lessons: A student-athlete may receive compensation for teaching or coaching sport skills or techniques in his or her sport on a fee-for-lesson basis, provided he or she receives the director of compliance’s pre-approval, their respective sports’ head coach approval, and the student-athlete follows all clearly defined NCAA rules and regulations. You are prohibited from using CMU facilities to conduct fee-for-lessons at ANYTIME!

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