Compliance: CMU Graduation and Academic Progress Rates

CMU Graduation and Academic Progress Rates

The NCAA requires that prospective student-athletes receive information on CMU’s Graduation Rates and CMU’s Academic Progress Rates (APR) at the earliest opportunity after the first encounter with a CMU coach, or at the prospective student-athlete’s request.

Academic Progress Rates (APR)
NCAA Graduation Success Rates (GSR)
Federal Graduation Rates

What is the definition of the Academic Progress Rates (APR)?

The APR was developed as a more real-time assessment of teams' academic performance than the six-year graduation-rate calculation provides. Every Division I sports team calculates its APR each academic year, based on the eligibility, retention and graduation of each scholarship student-athlete. An APR of 925 projects to an NCAA Graduation Success Rate of approximately 60 percent. Teams that score below 925 and have a student leave school academically ineligible can lose up to 10 percent of their scholarships. Known as immediate penalties, these scholarships can be lost each year and not awarded until the following year. Teams can also be subject to historical penalties for poor academic performance over time.

What is the Graduation Success Rate (GSR)?

The Graduation Success Rate measures graduation rates at Division I institutions and includes students transferring into the institutions. The GSR also allows institutions to subtract student-athletes who leave their institutions prior to graduation as long as they would have been academically eligible to compete had they remained.

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