CMU Athletics Diversity Graduate Assistant Program

The Central Michigan Athletics diversity graduate assistantship program was launched to increase the diversity of job candidates in athletics administration. Each year, this program selects two participants from a national pool of applicants to pursue their graduate degree while devoting 25 hours per week for up to four semesters working with CMU Athletics. Salary is approximately $10,500 with a tuition waiver up to 20 graduate credit hours per academic year.

The program was designed to create an opportunity to rotate through various areas of the athletic department. First-year participants complete rotations depending on their athletic interests and department availability, with a maximum of four areas.

Year two participants select one area of focus from the previous year for the duration of the program. During the participant's second year of the program, an administrative role is taken as program coordinators. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to, planning and implementing initiatives to continually improve the growth and purpose of the CMU Athletics diversity graduate assistantship program.

The first participant selected for 2018 is Jewel Cotton, a former Central Michigan student-athlete with the women's basketball program. She was selected from a national pool of candidates based on her desire to have a career in college athletics. Her primary areas of interests currently are sport administration, student-athlete services, compliance, and athletics communication/marketing.

For more information, contact Rachel Blunt, associate athletic director for institutional support services at 989-774-1105 or

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