Memorabilia Request Policy

Central Michigan Athletics has a specific policy regarding memorabilia requests. The department will follow the guidelines below when deciding how to handle these requests:

  • CMU Athletics will primarily support its recognized partner agencies – United Way (including member agencies), Special Olympics, Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe, CMU programs & departments, student/athlete initiatives – for donations.  
  • Primary partners will receive all items and tickets within the CMU Athletics allotment
  • Requests from outside of primary partner agencies will be only filled with tickets
  • All requests must be submitted online and include completion of the compliance approval form to be considered
  • Two week window for fulfillment
  • High Schools, Churches, Organizations benefiting prospect aged students are not eligible for donations

Please click here to download the request form.

Please submit this form using one of the following means:
Mail: Central Michigan University/Rose Center 100/Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859
Email: (for scanned or PDF forms)
Call: 989-774-3277

Request Windows
Requests for tickets must fall within certain windows of time to be considered:

• Football: March - October
• Volleyball: July - October
• Men's Basketball: September - February
• Women's Basketball: September - February
• Wrestling: October - February
• Gymnastics: December - February
• Baseball: February - April

University Guidelines
• Requests for monetary donations will not be honored.
• Each organization is limited to one request per Central Michigan University’s fiscal year (7/1-6/30).
• Due to the high volume of requests, we cannot guarantee that we will have an item for your event.
• Items used to fill donation requests are typically promotional giveaways.
• Please submit this form at least four weeks prior to the date the donation is needed.
• All decisions made by Central Michigan University are final.  

NCAA Rules (Bylaw 13.15)
• Proceeds from the sale of a donated item and/or the actual donated item may NOT be provided to:
    o a high school, prep school or 2-year college;
    o any non-educational organization that benefits prospect-aged individuals (9th-12th grade, prep
       school and junior college students);
    o a prospect-aged individual (9th-12th grade, prep school and junior college students)
• Requests for items to be autographed by student-athletes cannot be honored.

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