Chi Alpha Sigma Inductees

Chi Alpha Sigma Inductees

The National College Athlete Honor Society was founded at DePauw University in Greencastle, Ind., on May 17, 1996, by DePauw head football coach and professor of kinesiology Nick Mourouzis. Mourouzis recognized that there were many organizations that honored top or elite athletes with high academic achievements, but none that honored all participants of athletic teams who were letterwinners of their sport and who maintained a high cumulative grade point average. Chi Alpha Sigma hopes to bring honor and recognition to deserving student-athletes, their families, teams, athletic departments and colleges in much the same way as Phi Beta Kappa honors scholastics.

Chi Alpha Sigma is a nonprofit organization established to recognize college student-athletes who earn a varsity letter in at least one sport while maintaining a 3.4 or higher cumulative GPA (CMU student-athletes must maintain a 3.5 or higher GPA) throughout their junior and senior years. Chi Alpha Sigma is composed of 190 colleges and universities representing 40 states.

Chi Alpha Sigma's purposes are as follows:   
- To encourage and reward high academic scholarship of college athletes at four-year accredited colleges and universities.

- To recognize outstanding academic achievement by intercollegiate varsity letterwinners.

- To encourage good citizenship, moral character and friendship among the high academic achievers in college athletics.

- To recognize and honor the individual athlete, his/her team, sport, athletic department and college or university.

- To mentor and to provide leadership to other athletes.

In 2007, CMU’s Student-Athlete Advisory Committee voted unanimously to establish a Chi Alpha Sigma charter for Central Michigan University. The inaugural class was inducted April 21, 2008 at the annual Scholar-Athlete Banquet.

2008 Inductees (4/21/08):
Jena Amell, Track and Field
Ashley Anderson, Track and Field
Sean Anthony, Track and Field
Adam Antonides, Football
Kylie Armstrong, Soccer
Alison Baker, Volleyball
Moyra Betuzzi, Field Hockey
Kathryn Boggan, Soccer
Evan Brownie, Football
Brian Brunner, Football
Sarah Burns, Soccer
Elizabeth Carpenter, Track and Field
Michaela Danhoff, Track and Field
Anne Decker, Soccer
Michael Decker, Football
Michelle Diverio, Track and Field
Eric Fraser, Football
Laura Gaesser, Soccer
Suzanne Giroux, Softball
Kristen Hubright, Soccer
Nicole Johnson, Track and Field
Tracy Kaatz, Softball
Benjamin Kelto, Wrestling
Alison Kist, Field Hockey
Chivon Kloepfer, Softball
Jacquie Lacek, Soccer
Noah Lankford, Baseball
Daniel LeFevour, Football
Amanda Lucik, Field Hockey
Andrew Manning, Track and Field
Kate Maxwell, Track and Field
Kelly McClure, Track and Field
Anthony Mikulec, Football
Wynn Michalak, Wrestling
Jessica Neel, Gymnastics
Erika Neumann, Volleyball
Kristen Palinski, Field Hockey
Julie-Ann Passy, Gymnastics
Alison Pettit, Softball
Paul Pridgeon, Track and Field
Rosamaria Rago, Soccer
Jaclyn Rivard, Track and Field
Laura Roberts, Soccer
Erica Rohren, Soccer
Amanda Rudert, Track and Feild
Tyler Stovall, Baseball
Brittany Szunko, Basketball
Daniel Taylor, Baseball
Eric Tunney, Football
Stacey Verhoff, Basketball
Sarah Warner, Volleyball
Andrew Wingert, Baseball

2009 Inductees (4/20/09):
Cory Arnold, Track and Field
John Calvert, Track and Field
Katelyn Christensen, Track and Field
Melinda Curran, Field Hockey
Akli Delvecchio, Soccer
Brendan Emmett, Baseball
Lizl Gericke, Field Hockey
Molly Gerst, Soccer
Alexis Lonneman, Volleyball
Bryce Morrow, Baseball
Kristen Pelkki, Soccer
Tara Schiltz, Field Hockey
Erika Schroll, Track and Field
Jillian Schulz, Softball
Kari Seddon, Softball
Sarah Squires, Track and Field
Kaihla Szunko, Basketball
Jennifer Vetter, Softball
Amanda Waugh, Soccer

2010 Inductees (4/12/2010)
Matthias Berning, Football
Amy Binder, Field Hockey
Wade Buchs, Track and Field
Andrea de la Garza, Gymnastics
Brittany Dixon, Track and Field
Ashley Esparza, Track and Field
Jenna Hill, Soccer
Mykal Imbrock, Track and Field
Joshua Kettlewell, Track and Field
Jeremy Kiley, Track and Field
Tyler Kipke, Baseball
Lauren Krupsky, Volleyball
Raeanne Lohner, Track and Field
Shaylin Mannino, Soccer
Michael Petrucci, Football
Greg Pilling, Track and Field
Valerie Prause, Soccer
Samuel Russell, Baseball
Katie Simon, Gymnastics
Alexandra Sisson, Track and Field
Samatha Ursch, Gymnastics
Amanda von Leer, Field Hockey
Rachel Wittum, Track and Field

2011 Inductees (4/18/2011)
Chelsi Abbott, Soccer
Bethany Allport, Soccer
Holly Anderson, Cross Country/Track and Field
Kelsey Beatty, Track and Field
Brian Bennyhoff, Football
Samantha Brawley, Volleyball
Molly Coldren, Softball
Zachery Cooper, Baseball
Melissa Darling, Cross Country/Track and Field
Brogan Darwin, Softball
Veronica Garcia, Cross Country/Track and Field
Andrew Grillo, Track and Field
Rachael Hensel, Softball
Claire Horton, Soccer
Paulina Lee, Field Hockey
Catherine Ludwig, Volleyball
Anastasia Netto, Field Hockey
Michael Repovz, Football
Maddie Ribant, Cross Country/Track and Field
Kristin Teubner, Gymnastics
Jalin Thomas, Basketball
Liesel Toth, Soccer

2012 Inductees (4/22/2012)
Jordyn Brengosz, Field Hockey  
Jennifer Coates, Volleyball  
Sean Denny, Men’s T&F    
Nichole DiGuilio, Women’s Basketball  
Jennifer Gassman, Soccer   
Alexis Gersbach, Field Hockey
Karly Hansen, Softball 
Emily Heinz, Gymnastics
Curtis Huge, Football
Alicia Hutchison, Field Hockey
Victoria Kinniard, Soccer  
Michael Kinville, Football
Kristen Kuhlman, Softball
Grace Labrecque, Soccer
Thomas Lally, Baseball
Simone Lazar, Field Hockey 
Breanne Lesnar, Women’s CC
Bailey McKeon, Field Hockey
Alec Ornelas, Baseball    
Estee Outcalt, Soccer
Tanner Pesonen, Men’s CC
Brittany Petzold, Gymnastics
Ellen Riley, Field Hockey 
Kelsey Ritter, Women’s T&F
Matthew Russo, Football    
Nicole Samuel, Soccer
Kaely Schlosser, Soccer
Kyle Smith, Men’s T&F
Zachary Spreitzer, Men’s CC
Samantha Stein, Women’s T&F
Chelsea Sundberg, Softball
Skylar Vannatta, Field Hockey
Kyla Walworth, Women’s T&F
Kylie Welch, Women’s Basketball
Raechel Zahrn, Softball

2013 Inductees
Christian Conley, Football
Emily Cooksey, Women's Soccer
Trista Cox, Softball
Bridget Doughty, Women's Indoor Track
Hallie Enderle, Volleyball
Kylie Fagan, Gymnastics
Emma Fishnick, Women's Indoor Track
Victoria Garcia, Gymnastics
Laura Gosse, Soccer
Tricia Graham, Softball
Ryan Heeke, Baseball
Jesse Kroll, Football
Anderson Lee, Men's Indoor Track
Matthew Losiniecki, Football
Blake Louscher, Baseball
Julianna Makrinos, Field Hockey
Katelyn Maylee, Women's Indoor Track
Kaitlyn McIntyre, Volleyball
Alex Niznak, Football
Taylor Noonan, Gymnastics
Jacquelynn Overbeek, Women's Indoor Track
Sean Renzi, Baseball
Maureen Riley, Field Hockey
Monte Scott, Men's Indoor Track
Carolann Sexauer, Softball
Kerby Tamm, Women's Basketball
Matthew Trowbridge, Baseball

2014 Inductees
Dylan Banagis, Men's Outdoor Track
Esther Bell, Women's Cross Country
Michaela Bundy, Women's Cross Country
Maddy Bunnell, Soccer
Winslow Chapman, Football
Christen Chiesa, Women's Soccer
Connor Collins, Men's Football
Ron Coluzzi, Football
Nicole Czehowski, Volleyball
Silas DeKalita, Men's Indoor Track
Chris Fowler, Men's Basketball
Dylan Goodwin, Baseball
Hilary Graham, Softball
Kaysie Gregory, Field Hockey
Tyler Hamilton, Men's Indoor Track
Blake Hibbitts, Baseball
Kianne Hinkle, Field Hockey
Abbey Kelto, Women's Cross Country
Kristen Knutson, Soccer
Kaelyn Korte, Soccer
Megan Lamphere, Gymnastics
Ethan Lievense, Men's Outdoor Track
Evelyn Lorimer, Softball
Pat Mackenzie, Baseball
Elaine Materise, Field Hockey
Hannah Matthies, Women's Golf
Mike McCarty, Men's Cross Country
Taylor McKeon, Field Hockey
Kelly McNeely, Women's Cross Country
Nick Regnier, Baseball
Sadie Reynolds, Field Hockey
Anthony Rice, Football
Kelsey Ritter, Women's Track
Cooper Rush, Football
Kelly Schubert, Women's Cross Country
Austin Severn, Wrestling
John Simons, Men's Basketball
Eliza van de Kerkhove, Soccer
Casey Voisin, Men's Cross Country
Angelique White, Volleyball
Jordan Wohlfert, Wrestling

2015 Inductees
Tanner Beachnau, Men's Basketball
Jordan Charrette, Gymnastics
Scott Cousino, Men's Cross Country
Silas DeKalita, Men's Indoor Track
Austin Doan, Football
Kylee Dobbelaere, Women's Indoor Track
Tyler Hamilton, Men's Indoor Track
Blake Hibbitts, Men's Basketball
Kaylin Hoomaian, Women's Soccer
Anderson Lee, Men's Indoor Track
Jamie Madrigal, Women's Cross Country
Kayla McClure, Field Hockey
Jessica Meichtry, Volleyball
Alexandra Mielke, Women's Indoor Track
Joe Ostman, Football
Bailey Parmelee, Women's Cross Country
Adam Robinson, Wrestling
Shaila Segal, Gymnastics
Austin Severn, Wrestling
Newton Smerchek, Wrestling
Casey Voisin, Men's Cross Country
Katelyn Weiler, Women's Cross Country
Brady Williams, Baseball
Jordan Wohlfert, Wrestling
Jordan Young, Women's Soccer
Kyleigh Young, Women's Indoor Track

2016 Inductees
Carter Ballinger, Wrestling
Savannah Beetcher, Soccer
Colton Bradley, Baseball
Cassie Breen, Women's Basketball
Carly Brengosz, Field Hockey
Quincy Briggs Jr, Men's Indoor Track
Courtney Campbell, Gymnastics
Paige Carey, Volleyball
Amber Crouse, Lacrosse
Logan Hessbrook, Football
Heriberto Huertas, Men's Indoor Track
Luke Idoni, Football
Daniel Jipping, Baseball
Natalie Johnson, Golf
Valerie Johnson, Women's Indoor Track
Maison Kalina, Softball
Bryttany Kaplan, Gymnastics
Tyrus Kemp, Wrestling
Taylor Lewallen, Softball
John McCarty, Men's Basketball
Kayla McClure, Field Hockey
Cooper Mojsiejenko, Football
Kyle Noonan, Wrestling
Megan O'Neil, Women's Cross Country
Jeff Perry, Football
Rebekah Petty, Women's Indoor Track
Ty Rollin, Baseball
Mitch Stanitzek, Football
Wendy Szuminski, Women's Indoor Track
Olivia Wagner, Field Hockey
Kyla Walton, Women's Indoor Track
McKenzie Wieber, Women's Indoor Track
Kristen Wolfe, Golf

2017 Inductees
Taylor Aguillon, Women's Cross Country
Samantha Allmacher, Women's Cross Country
Luke Anderson, Men's Cross Country
Holly Billett, Lacrosse
Gabrielle Bird, Women's Basketball
Natalie Bloniarz, Lacrosse
Katy Clements, Gymnastics
Samantha Cuneo, Women's Indoor Track
Alec Esparza, Men's Cross Country
Reyna Frost, Women's Basketball
Dominique Hamman, Lacrosse
Kyra Harrison, Women's Indoor Track
Danielle Horton, Women's Indoor Track
Presley Hudson, Women's Basketball
Allison Knoll, Volleyball
Addy Marshall, Field Hockey
Kayla Noch, Softball
Gianna Plaksa, Gymnastics
Jamie Rademacher, Soccer
Jaeda Robinson, Women's Basketball
Katie Sharp, Lacrosse
Logan Slaughter, Football
Mason Smith, Wrestling
Emily Starck, Women's Cross Country
Calli Stemple, Women's Indoor Track
Logan Targgart, Men's Indoor Track
Leah Umberger, Field Hockey
Laura Vaccaro, Softball
Rachel Vieira, Softball
Sydney Wright, Lacrosse
Erin Zdrojewski, Women's Cross Country

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