2013-14 Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

To provide opportunities for personal and program growth by directly involving student-athletes in the overall organization, administration, implementation, and evaluation of the intercollegiate athletics program.

SAAC Constitution

The SAAC meets monthly to discuss athletic department issues, sub-committee reports, and sport specific updates.  The SAAC also coordinates many events and community service projects throughout the year. All student-athletes are welcomed and encouraged to attend any meeting, or be involved with any event.

2013-14 SAAC Executive Board
President: Kelly Maxwell, Volleyball
Vice President: Kyla Walworth, Track & Field
Secretary: Kaely Schlosser, Soccer
At-Large: Michael Johnson, Track & Field
Advisor: Jeremy Ploch

2013-14 Student-Athlete Advisory Committee Members
Sean Renzi, Baseball
Pat Mackenzie, Baseball
Austin Stewart, Men's Basketball
John Simon, Men's Basketball
Ethan Lievense, Men's Cross Country
Casey Voisin, Men's Cross Country
Michael Johnson, Men's Track and Field
Cole Walderzak, Men's Track and Field
Zack Cline, Wrestling
Ryan Quinn, Wrestling
Jarret Chapman, Football
Anthony Garland, Football
Matt Losiniecki, Football
Tyler Lombardo, Football
Breanne Lesnar, Women's Cross Country
Kelly Schubert, Women's Cross Country
Bridget Doughty, Women's Track and Field
Kyla Walworth, Women's Track and Field
Kerby Tamm, Women's Basketball
Jas'Mine Bracey, Women's Basketball
Kaely Schlosser, Soccer
Emily Basten, Soccer
Kelly Maxwell, Volleyball
Kaitlyn McIntyre, Volleyball
Taylor Noonan, Gymnastics
Megan Lapmhere, Gymnastics
Kristen Kuhlman, Softball
Evelyn Lorimer, Softball
Skylar VanNatta, Field Hockey
Alicia Hutchison, Field Hockey

2013-14 Student-Athlete Advisory Committee Events

Chippewa Cup

The Chippewa Cup competition, played by all varsity sport programs at Central Michigan, provides a means by which student-athletes can compete on behalf of their teams for points in different categories that encompass the mission of the NCAA Life Skills Program. The point categories focus on developing the individual, being an active role model, acting as a team, supporting other student-athletes, and academic achievement.

Participation in the competition reinforces an appreciation of the values and lessons that athletics can provide. Participants will realize the impact that they can have on their school and community.


Academic Achievement

This category refers to the commitment of our Chippewa Student-Athletes to academically achieve at a level that exceeds expectation. The academic achievements of the given semester are recognized by awarding points on the following scale:

Team GPA:       4.00 - 3.50 = 100 Points
                         3.49 – 3.00 = 75 Points
                         2.99 – 2.50 = 50 Points
                         2.49 – 2.00 = 25 Points

The male and female with the highest individual GPA’s will also earn an additional 25 points for their teams. If ALL members of the team are in good academic standing at the end of each semester the team will earn an additional 25 points. The team with the highest growth of GPA will also earn an additional 25 points for their team.

Maroon/Gold Games and Life Skills Events

This category promotes support amongst the teams and individual student-athletes, in-turn creating a more cohesive athletic community. Maroon/Gold games are determined by the sports SAAC representatives and their coaches. TO EARN POINTS: Student-Athletes must sign in at the designated game with the Student Athlete Services Staff. Points with be based off of your teams percentage of student-athletes in attendance. (If you have 20 people on your roster and you have 15 athletes show up, 15/20 = 75%. Your team will be awarded 75 points.)

Community Service

This category focuses on service to our community, which can include donations or action projects.
TO EARN POINTS: A team can earn 100 points for each ACTION project and 50 Points for each charitable donation. Each event may only count ONCE during the given cup year. Student-Athletes can earn an additional 5 points for each individual hour of service completed. SAAC sponsored events do not count towards this.

Community Services Forms must be completed and turned into the SAAC Advisor within 2 weeks of the service activity.

SAAC Communication

This category gives credit to the dedicated members of the CMU Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. SAAC members represent their teams in a monthly forum that discusses ideas and issues pertinent to the success of the athletic department and its student-athletes. TO EARN POINTS: 5 Points are given for each representative that attends a meeting with a maximum of 10 points per team awarded at any given meeting. Participation in a SAAC sponsored event will also be awarded by an additional 5 points per individual.

Community Service Forms must be completed before or after each event and returned to the SAAC advisor within two weeks of the event.

Team effort is defined as participation of at least 50% of the team.

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