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Player personnel representatives from 26 National Football League franchises descended upon Mount Pleasant and the Chippewas’ Indoor Athletic Center on Monday for Central Michigan football’s annual Pro Day.

Fifteen members of CMU’s 2012 team that won seven games and captured a Little Caesars Pizza Bowl championship worked out for coaches and scouts. Participating in the event were Jahleel Addae, Taylor Bradley, Eric Fisher, David Harman, Curtis Huge, Darren Keyton, Joe Kinville, Mark Lathers, Ryan Radcliff, Chris Reeves, Mike Repovz, Caesar Rodriguez, Lorenzo White, Cody Wilson, and Nate Wiliams. Rocky Weaver, who started 35 games on the CMU offensive line from 2008-11, also took part, working out as a tight end.  

Players first went through a battery of tests including the bench press, vertical jump, broad jump, 40-yard dash, short shuttle, long shuttle and three-cone drill, which was followed by an hour-long session of position drills. Listed below are the unofficial results from CMU’s Pro Day testing. If a player's numbers are not included in a specific drill's listing, this signifies they did not take part.

CMU has become a regular destination for NFL player personnel in recent years. Seven Chippewas have been selected in the NFL Draft since 2005 and seven former CMU players are currently on NFL rosters, including All-Pro offensive tackle Joe Staley, who helped lead the San Francisco 49ers to Super Bowl XLVII. Staley was in attendance for Monday's Pro Day activities.

Much of the attention of scouts in attendance was centered on Eric Fisher, who did not test but did take part in offensive lineman drills. A consensus first round pick among NFL Draft experts, Fisher’s standout showings at the Senior Bowl and NFL Scouting Combine have moved him into consideration as a solid top 10 selection. If projections, which have Fisher going as high as No. 1 overall, hold true, he will follow in the footsteps of a player who he is frequently compared to, Joe Staley, and become CMU’s second first round draft choice and potentially the highest player ever drafted from a MAC school.

The 2013 NFL Draft is scheduled for April 25-27 in New York City.

Pro Day officially kicks off the CMU spring football season. The Chippewas will take the practice field at 7 a.m. on Tuesday for the first of 15 spring practices. will provide comprehensive coverage of the spring season, which will culminate with the annual Spring Game, set for a 1 p.m. start on Saturday, April 13.

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 Jahleel Addae 5-10
 Taylor Bradley 5-11
 Eric Fisher 6-7
 David Harman 6-0
 Curtis Huge 6-0
 Darren Keyton 6-3
 Joe Kinville 6-3
 Mark Lathers 5-10
 Ryan Radcliff 6-3
 Chris Reeves 5-11
 Mike Repovz 6-4
 Caesar Rodriguez 6-2
 Rocky Weaver 6-5
 Lorenzo White 6-0
 Nate Williams 6-1
 Cody Wilson 5-9
 Jahleel Addae 196
 Taylor Bradley 200
 Eric Fisher 304
 David Harman 198
 Curtis Huge 197
 Darren Keyton 295
 Joe Kinville 245
 Mark Lathers 171
 Ryan Radcliff 221
 Chris Reeves 270
 Mike Repovz 290
 Caesar Rodriguez 246
 Rocky Weaver 274
 Lorenzo White 182
 Nate Williams 286
 Cody Wilson 191
 Jahleel Addae 8 7/8
 Taylor Bradley 8 3/4
 Eric Fisher 10 5/8
 David Harman 8 1/2
 Curtis Huge 8 5/8
 Darren Keyton 9 5/8
 Joe Kinville 10
 Mark Lathers 8 1/4
 Ryan Radcliff 9 1/4
 Chris Reeves 9 3/4
 Mike Repovz 9 1/8
 Caesar Rodriguez 9 3/4
 Rocky Weaver 9 7/8
 Lorenzo White 9 3/8
 Nate Williams 10 1/8
 Cody Wilson 9 1/4
 Jahleel Addae 29
 Taylor Bradley 30 1/2
 Eric Fisher 33 3/4
 David Harman 29 5/8
 Curtis Huge 30 1/2
 Darren Keyton 31 3/4
 Joe Kinville 32
 Mark Lathers 29
 Ryan Radcliff 31 3/8
 Chris Reeves 31 5/8
 Mike Repovz 31 3/4
 Caesar Rodriguez 32 1/2
 Rocky Weaver 32 3/4
 Lorenzo White 30 5/8
 Nate Williams 31 5/8
 Cody Wilson 28 3/8
 Wing Span
 Jahleel Addae 70 5/8
 Taylor Bradley 75
 Eric Fisher 82 3/8
 David Harman 72 5/8
 Curtis Huge 74
 Darren Keyton 77 7/8
 Joe Kinville 76 1/4
 Mark Lathers 69 3/8
 Ryan Radcliff 76 1/8
 Chris Reeves 76 1/2
 Mike Repovz 77 3/4
 Caesar Rodriguez 78
 Rocky Weaver 77 3/4
 Lorenzo White 75
 Nate Williams 79 3/4
 Cody Wilson 70 1/4
 Vertical Jump
 Jahleel Addae 38.5
 Taylor Bradley 34
 Eric Fisher -
 David Harman -
 Curtis Huge 25
 Darren Keyton 27
 Joe Kinville 28
 Mark Lathers 29.5
 Ryan Radcliff 27
 Chris Reeves 24.5
 Mike Repovz 25
 Caesar Rodriguez 28
 Rocky Weaver 27
 Lorenzo White 29
 Nate Williams 27.5
 Cody Wilson 32.5
 Broad Jump
 Jahleel Addae 10-4
 Taylor Bradley 10-0
 Eric Fisher -
 David Harman -
 Curtis Huge 8-8
 Darren Keyton 8-1
 Joe Kinville 8-8
 Mark Lathers 9-6
 Ryan Radcliff 8-10
 Chris Reeves 8-4
 Mike Repovz 8-6
 Caesar Rodriguez 9-5
 Rocky Weaver 8-10
 Lorenzo White 9-8
 Nate Williams 8-4
 Cody Wilson 9-3
 40-Yard Dash
 Jahleel Addae 4.68
 Taylor Bradley 4.70
 Eric Fisher -
 David Harman 4.95
 Curtis Huge 5.04
 Darren Keyton 5.20
 Joe Kinville 4.97
 Mark Lathers 4.53
 Ryan Radcliff 5.10
 Chris Reeves 5.25
 Mike Repovz 5.30
 Caesar Rodriguez 5.03
 Rocky Weaver 5.25
 Lorenzo White 4.63
 Nate Williams 5.26
 Cody Wilson 4.69
 20-Yard Shuttle
 Jahleel Addae 2.64
 Taylor Bradley 2.71
 Eric Fisher -
 David Harman 2.74
 Curtis Huge 2.89
 Darren Keyton 2.92
 Joe Kinville 2.86
 Mark Lathers 2.56
 Ryan Radcliff 2.87
 Chris Reeves 2.96
 Mike Repovz 2.90
 Caesar Rodriguez 2.83
 Rocky Weaver 3.01
 Lorenzo White 2.59
 Nate Williams 3.00
 Cody Wilson 2.63
 Bench Press
 Reps at 225 pounds
 Jahleel Addae 10
 Taylor Bradley 11
 Eric Fisher -
 David Harman -
 Curtis Huge 8
 Darren Keyton 21
 Joe Kinville 21
 Mark Lathers 17
 Ryan Radcliff -
 Chris Reeves 26
 Mike Repovz 24
 Caesar Rodriguez 21
 Rocky Weaver 15
 Lorenzo White 10
 Nate Williams 34
 Cody Wilson 21
 Three-Cone Drill
 Jahleel Addae 6.90
 Taylor Bradley 7.05
 Eric Fisher -
 David Harman -
 Curtis Huge 7.53
 Darren Keyton 7.96
 Joe Kinville 7.62
 Mark Lathers -
 Ryan Radcliff 7.28
 Chris Reeves 7.70
 Mike Repovz 7.59
 Caesar Rodriguez 7.37
 Rocky Weaver 7.75
 Lorenzo White 6.88
 Nate Williams 7.96
 Cody Wilson 6.95

- NOTE: All measurables are unofficial
- Denotes that a player did not test

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